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Franchise Resale

Are you looking to resell your franchise? We’ll manage the entire process and help you save time, energy, and money. From listing your business and generating leads to offering expert advice, we cover all the bases to help you make a profitable resale.

Are you Looking For Franchise Resale

Struggling to successfully resell your franchise? Overwhelmed by the transfer fees and restrictions? Stuck with a small pool of prospective buyers? Faced with high levels of competition from other franchises? Here’s how we help simplify things!

Excellent Track Record

Over the years, we’ve helped countless franchises undergo a smooth, successful, and profitable resale. From doing meticulous market research to attracting a large pool of interested buyers, we take care of everything.

We Help You Find the Perfect Buyer

We use our cutting-edge software, experience, and insights to find the right match for your franchise. By running comprehensive background checks, we make sure there are no red flags so the resale is as seamless as can be. By eliminating all risks, we help you resell your franchise at the highest price possible. Our business brokerage firm, commercial real estate appraisers, and other affiliates work assiduously to gauge the value of your franchise. Based on these figures, we make sure you don’t end up receiving less than what your franchise is worth.

Complete Support and Guidance

We work tirelessly to make each step of the resale process a breeze! By taking care of the legwork, we make sure you don’t have to worry about the extensive paperwork, buyer checks, or other complexities. We’ve got you covered.

We Create a Comprehensive Profile for Your Franchise

Attracting high-quality buyers doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. We create an impressive profile for your franchise to attract the right buyers. We award franchises; it’s not like selling a business. From writing an engaging description for your products/services to providing all the required details, we make it easier for prospective buyers to get all the information they need. We also market your franchise to widen the pool of buyers.

We Provide You With the Information You Need

When reselling a franchise, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. These vary based on your state. We create a comprehensive list of the qualifications and prerequisites to streamline the process. This helps our clients gather the required paperwork on time and get the green light to proceed with the resale. Failure to take these measures can delay the process or, in some cases, prevent it altogether. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

We Have Your Best Interests At Heart

At Franchise Brokers, we go the extra mile to understand your franchise history, identity, and goals to ensure a great resale. Our detail-oriented approach helps you avoid the risk of reselling your franchise to uncooperative or fraudulent buyers who don’t have your best interests at heart. By looking out for red flags, we help you make a safe, profitable, and successful resale.

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We’re Changing the Culture of Wealth in Black and Minority Business Communities

For decades, Black and minority-owned businesses have faced countless barriers when it comes to expanding their business. At Franchise Ambassadors, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome these barriers and unlock your true potential. As the leading franchise specialists in the business, we put you first and continually strive for excellence. Our results-oriented approach has helped us steer countless Black and minority businesses toward success. Will you be next?