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As one of the leading franchise brokers in the industry, we provide you with the best franchise opportunities possible. We’re committed to kick-starting your franchise journey with integrity, transparency, and the promise of success. We’ve successfully facilitated the inception of hundreds of franchises across the nation, so you know you’re in good hands! Our franchises can expect unprecedented advisory for an unprecedented situation minority startup franchises may find themselves in.

Looking for the perfect franchise opportunity? We’re adept at helping you save time by taking care of the legwork. Our team assiduously scans our extensive, meticulously updated records to find the right option for you. Our detail-oriented approach helps you breathe a big sigh of relief, knowing that you’re covered in every way possible.

Impressive Experience

We’ve been in the franchising industry for decades. In short, we know the ins and outs of each aspect of purchasing a franchise. We use our experience to help you breeze through the process without getting entangled in the paperwork, the heavy lifting that turns many prospective startup franchises away, and the overwhelming stress. Navigating a plethora of choices can be very challenging without the right advisory team. We made the process quick and easy!

Find Your Perfect Match

By simplifying everything, we help you find the perfect match. In many cases, certain franchises may sound perfect on paper and profitable. However, a deeper dig reveals underlying cracks. Our job is to look out for these discrepancies, so you don’t end up making the wrong decision and regretting it. We represent hundreds of franchises and will find one that matches your business model, brand identity, and goals.

Get the Funding and Support You Need

We’re currently developing ways to showcase our Black and minority owned franchise and licensing owners for funding through multiple sources, both from profit and non-profit means as well as grants. This is being done to help with the high cost of developing a franchise or licensing models for success in today’s established franchise world. Our goal is to make the franchise market more affordable, accessible, and palatable for you.

Trained Brokers

Our franchise brokers are meticulously trained by the best of the best. They’re equipped with the expertise and soft skills required to help you own a franchise without feeling unprepared or rushed. No matter how specific your requirements may be, we’ll help you find the perfect franchise and ensure the entire process is smooth, hassle-free, and pleasant. Our impressive track record has helped us acclimatize to the pressures of finding the right franchise. Fortunately, you don’t have to ride the same turbulent waves; we’ll handle everything for you. This isn’t our first rodeo so you can rest assured that we won’t let you down!

Cutting-Edge Software and Resources

At Franchise Brokers, we go all out to help you succeed. We have access to real time franchisor data to ensure each update is taken into account when finding your match. From finding exclusive funding opportunities to using state-of-the-art technology to dive deep into the history of each prospective franchisor, we leave no stone unturned.

We Have Your Best Interests At Heart

It’s not uncommon for certain franchise brokers to sell you more expensive options simply for the sake of making a profit. We steer clear of all these approaches. Once you partner with us, we’ll share our data with you and continually keep you in the loop. Our transparent approach helps us show you that we’re committed to finding your perfect fit by having your best interests at heart. Our meticulous and honest approach helps you avoid partnering with the wrong company. By taking your requirements into account each step of the way, we find what’s right for you, and show you the trail so you know exactly how we reached our results! In short, you can trust us like the back of your hand.

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We’re Changing the Culture of Business & Wealth in Black and Minority Communities with Franchise Ownership

For decades, Black and minority-owned businesses have faced countless barriers when it comes to expanding their business. At Franchise Ambassadors, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome these barriers and unlock your true potential. As the leading franchise specialists in the business, we put you first and continually strive for excellence. Our results-oriented approach has helped us steer countless Black and minority businesses toward success. Will you be next?